The Swamp Restaurant Plans To Close on June 30

By Amanda Roland

The Swamp Restaurant has been a Gainesville landmark in Midtown for the past 25 years, but the restaurant will be closing on June 30 to make way for student apartments.

Student-led petitions and even an amendment from State Representative Anthony Sabatini couldn’t save The Swamp’s original location from being bought and turned into apartments. As the Swamp prepares to close its doors, the restaurant took to Facebook to let its fans know that it won’t be gone for too long. 

“This is just a small glitch, the good news is that we have plans to open a new Swamp in the same location in approximately 18 months,” according to The Swamp’s Facebook post. “We are excited to bring The Swamp back in a new and better venue. We will continue to update you on all progress and look forward to welcoming you home shortly!”

The Swamp said that the popular spot will have special all week for patrons to enjoy before their final day. Follow The Swamp Restaurant on Facebook for more updates about its new location. 


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