Try This Workout to Shred your Arms and Abs

By Amanda Roland
abs and arms workouts

We have a workout routine that lets you kill two birds with one workout! Working out your arms and abs at the same time will not only make your upper body stronger, but it will force you to burn more calories. Break a sweat!

Arms and Abs Workout:

Warm-up: Thirty jumping jacks and 12 walking lunges (six per leg). Repeat three times

Complete three rounds of the following exercises with minimal rest between each one. Rest 2–5 minutes between rounds.

Exercise Reps
1 Pushup with rotation, alternating sides 16 total (eight per side)
2 Flutter Kicks 30 total
3 Mountain Climbers 20 total (10 per side)
4 Triceps Dips 15
5 Butterfly Situps 15
6 Plank Jacks 15

By Lauren Fischer


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