What is Crystal-Infused Water, and Should I Try It?

By Isabella Sorresso
crystal-infused water

Whether you’re into crystals or not, you’ve probably seen the increase in popularity of them all over the internet. There’s supposedly a crystal for everything and each of them has their own energy and healing property. While healing crystals have been around for ages, putting crystals in water is the newest crystal trend you need to know about. Step aside lemon-infused water, and make way for crystal-infused water, also known as “crystal elixir.”

If you wanted to try crystal elixir at home, there are a few ways to go about it and a few things to consider before diving in. First off, SpiritualityHealth.com recommends using a glass container to make crystal-infused water. Some brands are even selling glass water bottles specifically made to hold your crystals. They’re equally beautiful as they are expensive, at $80+ for some bottles.

They also recommend for you to pick out a crystal to infuse in your water based on what type of energy you want from your crystal that day. For example, you may use citrine for a boost of positivity and joy, or amethyst to relax and soothe your body and mind. However, it’s recommended to do research before picking a crystal. Not all of them are safe to use in your drinking water.

Some crystals, like ruby and alexandrite, can contain toxins like copper and aluminum, which should not be consumed. It’s also important to look out for how different crystals hold up in water over time.

Depending on their composition, soaking in water could cause them to rust, break apart or even dissolve.

Once you pick a crystal you’re sure won’t have any mishaps in the water, be sure to wash it thoroughly so that no dirt or grime is left before putting it in your water bottle. If you’re still skeptical about putting crystals in your water bottle or glass container, SpiritualityHealth.com also suggests that you can place your crystals directly next to the container for an indirect way to infuse the crystal’s energy.

But why should you infuse your water with crystals? According to the website for clean beauty brand, From Molly With Love, “crystal-infused water is an excellent all-natural elixir to help our bodies feel spiritually at peace and strong.”

Molly Beane, founder of From Molly With Love, said that in 2016 she learned about energy, reiki and crystals and became a Reiki master soon after.

“Reiki is a healing technique where a certified practitioner channels energy into another person, themselves, animals, or objects,” Beane said.

Now, she drinks about one pitcher of crystal elixir per week, as well as uses it to water her plants.

“I am not a medical professional, so I try to be conservative when talking about the benefits, Beane said. “That said, I feel calmer, higher-energy, and more spiritually strong when I use/consume crystal-infused water. It’s easy to do and it gives you an opportunity to give your body a dose of good energy/vibes.”

*These crystal-infused water bottles nor their DIY counter parts do not claim to detoxify or heal any physical attributes. If you have any physical pains or injuries, please consult your physician for treatment recommendations and/or before use.


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