What’s REALLY on an Adult’s Christmas Wish List?

By Nicole Irving, Publisher and Editor-In-Chief
Christmas Wish List

Ahhh… the holiday wish lists. As children, we would add every shiny toy, bike and video game that we would see in those pretty glossy ads to our wish list. We wait eagerly until the morning so we could tear through the wrapping and unveil its secret contents. However, on an adult’s Christmas wish list, things aren’t as simple, are they? I mean, can we really ask “I would like my next months car payment paid” or “I’d like a membership to Sam’s club.” But, if kids can add a new, shiny red bike, why can’t we add “a new red sports car” to our lists or “for our kids to eat all their dinner.” I mean, it is a wish list after all. So, go ahead and add what you REALLY wish for on that list. Need some ideas… we’ve got you covered!


1. My kid to start to eat pasta. Who doesn’t love pasta?

2. For my dog to stop waking me up at 6 a.m. on the dot, on the weekends

3. For airplanes to bring back meals…or just the friendly skies in general

4. A blackhead remover!

5. Electric toothbrush head replacements

6. A vacuum

7. A blender that actually crushes my ice

8. Affordable health insurance

9. A new roof

10. For my kids to put away the dishes without being asked

11. For someone to explain to me how the stock market works

12. To find all the socks the dryer ate

13. For the toilet seat to just magically go down

14. For 24 more hours in the day

15. For gravity to reverse, but only on my body

17. For all fruits and vegetables to be sold chopped at the grocery store (and for cheap)

18. A lifetime supply of the good toilet paper

19. To be able to take a vacation, and really relax!

20. To eat a salad and actually feel joy.

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