4 Tips for Saving Money During the Holiday Season

By Amanda Roland
Saving Money During the Holidays

The holiday season is here! Sometimes when we think about the holidays, all we see is dollar signs and payment plans. In order to help you save this year, we have some tips for saving money during the holidays that could come in handy.

1. Go Homemade

During the holidays, we can be tempted to buy store bought-desserts, party snacks, hors d’oeuvres and the like to take to family gatherings. These purchases can add up. Instead, try making homemade treats instead. This will save you money, yield more food and probably be much healthier. Not to mention you can wow everyone at the party with your cooking skills!

2. Say No to Mailing Holiday Cards

Taking family photos, creating holiday cards and mailing them to loved ones can get very pricy. If sending out holiday cards is a tradition in your family, there is a way to do it that saves you a bunch of money: eCards! You can send your friends and family digital holiday cards this year through email for free! Also, you can use free editing websites like Canva to design and layouts your cards for free. This way, your loved ones can keep up with your family digitally for no cost.

3. Create a Holiday Savings Account

Some banks and credit unions offer Holiday Savings Programs to help people save up for the holidays. You can add money to these savings accounts all year, and when the holiday season comes, you can access your saved funds. This could be a great option for those planning to travel or make big purchased during the holiday season. If your bank does not have a holiday savings program, you can create a separate savings account of your own solely for the holidays.

4. Don’t Buy Any New Decorations

While the holiday displays at Hobby Lobby are screaming “buy me, buy me!!!,” you have to stay strong! You know that you have leftover twinkle lights, garland and holiday decor from last year that is still in great shape! Reusing decor that you already have will not only save you money but it will also help you be more sustainable by recycling!

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