By Meredith Sheldon

If you find yourself chugging diet soda to get through the day, you might want to listen up. Diet soda, while it has zero calories and zero sugar, is 0 percent beneficial to your health.

1. More diet soda leads to more belly fat

If you are trying to diet and live a healthy lifestyle, extra belly fat will definitely get in the way. According to an article in Time magazine, drinking diet soda leads to added weight gain, predominantly in the abdominal region.

If you are looking to tone your stomach or lose weight, diet soda should not be the beverage choice for you.

2. Diet soda or diabetes?

Diet soda has no sugar, so why would it lead to diabetes? Well, according to a recent study in the NRC Research Press, the intake of aspartame and other fake sugars correlates with greater glucose intolerance. This can increase your chance of developing Type 2 diabetes.

3. It may be harmful to your heart

You may love diet coke, but your heart does not. This carbonated beverage can increase your chance of heart failure or other heart conditions, according to an article in com.

4. It can lead to weight gain

That’s right. Diet coke and other artificially sweetened carbonated classics can lead to added pounds and more fat storage, according to an article in Healthcom.

Artificial sweeteners, like Splenda or Sweet’N Low, confuse your body and trigger the production of insulin. Fake sugars end up storing real fat. If you aren’t seeing results and you are eating right, try to cut out diet soda from your diet.

If you are drinking these bubbly beverages a few times a week, you won’t develop all of these potential risks. However, if you are a diet soda addict, you might want to limit or cut these fake-sugar fluids from your diet.