13.1 Things I Learned Running the Disney Princess Half Marathon … the Wrong Way!

By Nicole Irving When I signed up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon, I had every intention of training. But, before I knew it, race day was here and I had not even started training. I was bound and determined to get that medal, though, and along those 13.1 miles, I learned some valuable and [...]

Flabby Felines and Canines: How to Keep Your Pet Fit & Healthy

By Shelby Davidson We all take it a little personally when someone calls our pet overweight. It makes us feel like bad pet parents to have let our beloved fur babies get to their current state. I unfortunately feel this way every time someone sees my 20-pound cat Lillian, with her large stomach dragging on [...]

Maintain, Don’t Gain: Exercises to help maintain current weight and muscle mass

By Christopher Pregony, BS, CSCS When you are reaching toward a goal, you always have that carrot pulling you forward. But what about when you reach that goal? You cannot always progress — there has to be a point where you maintain what you have achieved before you start your next challenge. Mentally, it helps [...]

Making Exercise Less of a Pain: Preventative Physical Therapy

By Danielle Spano When you think of a visit to the physical therapist, it typically goes hand in hand with being in pain. Contrary to popular belief, physical therapy is not just for recovering from an injury — it can actually be used for preventing injury. According to the “Guide to Physical Therapist Practice,” part [...]