Ted Talks: How Do You Measure Strength?

Strength —like beauty and perfect guac— is in the eye of the beholder. After all, one person’s strong is another person’s weak. Sure, there are universal standards for some medical categories (blood pressure, cholesterol and the like), and those benchmarks serve as one data point that can reveal something about our overall health and risks. [...]

Myth Busting: CrossFit

By Julie Walter   CrossFit has been named one of the fastest growing sports since its creation in 2000. With its increase in popularity, there has been a lot of misinformation and misconceptions. Before you decide the sport is too dangerous or intense, read these 5 common myths about CrossFit. CrossFit is dangerous  One of [...]

The Importance of Cardio

By Chris Pregony What if I told you that you could improve nearly every aspect of your life in just 30 minutes every day? Some people may be intrigued, while others are lost at the every day part. Know this, we were made to move. The multitude of medical issues that plague humankind in this [...]