Ask the Interior Specialist: Amanda Davis Carreon

By Amanda Roland
interior specialist: Amanda Davis Carreon

Ask the Interior SpecialistAmanda Davis Carreon is a Gainesville native. She is the fourth generation in her family to be in the furniture and design industry. Her mother, Jerome Davis, owned a wonderful furniture store, The Glen Addie Collection, for most of Amanda’s childhood, and Amanda always enjoyed setting up the vignettes and organizing the warehouse. It was at her mother’s furniture store where Amanda realized she had a passion for working with people, making beautiful spaces and improving the functionality of every space she worked on.

I had a cedar lined closet in my house in New York, do I need one here? What are the benefits?

We typically do not get requests for cedar closets. It seems to be a more northern application, because cedar helps remove moisture from the closet. Yes, we have a very humid climate here, so you’re probably thinking, “why wouldn’t it also be a southern application?” Typically in the south we don’t have many seasonal clothes or storage of heavy coats. Most of our apparel is worn year round and the few items we have that would only be for “winter” are typically few and far between. The clients that I have had request a cedar lined closet, or cedar chips, are people who travel a lot to colder climates and are storing heavier coats, or who have multiple homes. Removing moisture is the biggest aid the cedar provides, next would be the aroma. It keeps a fresh scent while also removing moisture and protecting your clothes.

If I only have a limited budget to redo a part of my house, for either interior or exterior, what would you recommend would be the biggest bang for my buck?

This is a weighted question. However, paint is always something that transforms the space quickly, fairly painlessly and can be a much smaller investment than other things in the house. Because paint can change the feel of an entire room (interior or exterior) it is a great bang for your buck as you can add little touches on top of it as your budget permits.

What is the best way to pick out paint colors?

First and foremost, it is best to be in the space you are picking for so you can understand the lighting challenges you may encounter. I am not a fan of painting samples on the walls, as you are typically painting next to or on top of the existing color you have, and therefore, your new color may take on characteristics of your existing color. Therefore, if you’re a “I must paint
a sample kind of person,” do it on a white background, with a couple of good coats of paint. Peal and stick samples are new on the market, and they could be a nice option for a nicely saturated sample. And, most designers offer just paint selections for your space to help you make the best choice given your lighting, current furniture/accessories, etc.

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My husband and I don’t agree on our interior design concept. What would you recommend so we can move forward with decorating and save our marriage?

I have rarely met a couple that have the same idea/taste for whatever space they are working on. However, they typically have the same end goal, which is to have a more updated, functional and comfortable space. Therefore, the way I deal with differing tastes is to fully understand the feeling each of them want in the space, as that is something that is usually agreed between the couple, then I make style boards that have elements of both of their styles. Typically there is some compromise needed, but in the end it is a space that both of them enjoy.

What are the most popular colors/palettes these days that are a “for sure” win for me to decorate my house?

The trend these days is to be neutral or on the lighter side of things. A more organic color palette approach if you will. This allows you to make the most of accenting with other textiles, drapes, etc.

My house is grey, and I want a front door that will pop. What color should I do that says “hello and welcome”?

Yellow can be a very inviting door color, red is a classic pop, and even black can be sophisticated yet inviting with a beautiful wreath on it.



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