Colleen McTiernan

Learn More About Artichokes

As far as vegetables go, artichokes are certainly one of the more distinctive looking options. Artichokes owe their odd appearance to the fact that they (like capers) are actually flower buds! If your diet is lacking in fiber (like the… read more

Why Should Strawberries Be In Your Diet?

From healthy breakfast smoothies to delicious chocolate covered desserts, strawberries have proven to be incredibly popular little fruits. In fact, according to the United States Department of Agriculture, the average person eats 4.85 pounds of fresh and frozen strawberries annually,… read more

Florida National parks

A Guide to Florida’s National Parks

Florida has some of the most beautiful and historically significant tracts of land and parks  in our country. The National Park Service does more than just preserve our national parks (of which there are 58); they also protect national preserves,… read more

Shop Healthy

How to Shop Healthy Without Breaking the Bank

We all know how important eating healthy is to our overall well-being. But, sometimes healthy foods just aren’t the cheapest options (hello, dollar menu!). If you are trying to stick to a healthy diet while staying on budget, consider the… read more

Holiday Happy Hour

5 Drinks for Holiday Happy Hour

Instead of serving up the traditional eggnog or year ‘round staple drinks, dazzle your guests this holiday season with delicious cocktails for holiday happy hour! Whether you are looking for a boozy take on hot chocolate or a more festive… read more