Why Should You Feed Your Cat Peas?

By Amanda Roland
feed your cat peas

If you’re looking for something other than catnip that your cat and their stomach will love, feed your cat peas. Peas have several health benefits for cats. In fact, in grain-free cat food, green peas are usually the source of common carbohydrates. They’re also a great source of plant protein that will help balance out your little carnivore’s diet. Some pet parent’s debate whether animal or plant protein is better, but Jennifer Coates, D.V.M., says as long as your cat is eating protein, it’s breaking food down into amino acids and getting energy. If that wasn’t enough, peas have dietary fiber that is great for any feline with occasional constipation.

While peas are not on the list of toxic foods for cats, they should not supplement meals. However, they are filled with vitamin C and B1 as well as being a low-calorie snack for your pet that might be on the heavier side. Any type of pea is fine to give them; green peas, snow peas, garden peas or snap peas. However, it’s suggested that you feed your cat fresh or boiled peas once or twice a week at the max. When treating your cat with any human food, it’s important to remember to give them anything in moderation.

Next time you’re looking for a healthy snack for your feline friend, try giving them a handful of fresh peas!

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