Celebrate National Water a Flower Day on May 30

By Amanda Roland
water a flower day

Tomorrow (May 30) is National Water a Flower Day. This might be the easiest holiday you could ever celebrate, and it can bring about a new appreciation for plants and nature in general. According to Psychology Today, taking care of plants can reduce symptoms of depression, improve your creativity and even strengthen your memory. If you don’t have any flowers to water this weekend, here are some ways that you can participate in this holiday. 

Buy Some Flowers 

What a no brainer! If you don’t have any flowers, then get some. Head to your local hardware store or plant nursery, and pick out a new plant baby or buy some seeds. When you get home, find a comfy new home for your new flower outside or inside, depending on the type of flower. And, most importantly, don’t forget to water it! 

Visit a Green-Thumbed Friend 

If you have a friend that really knows how to use their green thumb, as them if you could stop by (maintain social distancing.) Ask them if you could water some of their flowers for National Water a Flower Day. Also, if they are very knowledgable about growing flowers and gardening, let them teach you some new things so that you could maybe start your own garden! 

Use #WaterAFlowerDay on Social

Start a social trend with this hashtag, and encourage your friends to join in! This simple act could encourage others to be more active in nature or to take up gardening on their own. You don’t know the impact that you could have on a community with just one post. 


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