Get Ready For Summer With This Sunrise Mocktail

By Amanda Roland
sunrise mocktail

Summer sunrises are special –it’s not super hot or muggy yet, and if you catch it right, the sky will turn beautiful oranges, yellows and pinks. Summer isn’t here just yet, but we can get ready for it now. Try this Sunrise Mocktail to get you in the mood for beautiful skies and long walks on the beach.

Sunrise Mocktail



Cut orange into slices in preparation to garnish your cup. Fill glass ⅓ of way with orange juice. Add lemonade to fill glass, leaving a small space for grenadine. Pour a small amount of grenadine into a shot glass, then slowly pour into the main glass. The grenadine should sink to the bottom to form a red layer. Add a slice of orange to the side and serve!

by Morgan Hill

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