Learn How to Help the Working Food COVID-19 Response

By Amanda Roland
working food

Working Food knows that this is a stressful time. One thing that should not be stressful is where you’re getting your food from. They’ve started their “Covid Food Response” in order to give back to the community and allow people to come together even when we’re social distancing.

According to them, the COVID 19 outbreak has greatly damaged our local food economy and community health and farmers are losing market access due to widespread closures of typical food outlets. Restaurants, schools, bars, and markets are also closed, and there is no local food infrastructure in place to address this food crisis.

“Working Food is one of the main options currently, able to mobilize and address this serious issue,” according to their website. “Forgoing events that would bring in revenue for us, losing kitchen booking rentals, and shuttering our youth program for now, we are turning our energy towards mobilizing community efforts to get fresh local food into the community. We are currently organizing farm box pre-sales with drive through style pick-ups, coordinating efforts to provide fresh and/or prepared meals to community members in need, and promoting other ways farmers are trying to get their food into the community.”

If you’d like to help Working Food in their efforts, you can donate online here. They’re also offering other meal programs and hosting a drive-thru farmer’s market. To learn more about their ongoing projects click here.

By Isabella Sorresso

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