Outdoor Workouts for the Spring!

By Renee Castro

Spring has sprung and I cannot get enough of this beautiful weather. Some days I would just love to sit outside and enjoy the light breeze with the sun shining on my skin. But, I started to realize that I could combine my love of the outdoors with a simple workout to get some fitness in! Here are 4 workouts that you can do to enjoy the sun and get movin!

Walk or Run a few miles

Head to your nearest park (my personal favorite is Depot Park) and give yourself a goal. Walk or run to make a specific distance like 1 or 2 miles, and time yourself! Keep it going everyday and aim for a shorter time.

Yoga at the park

A lot of parks offer free afternoon yoga! Keep an eye out on Facebook for a post or two about an upcoming yoga at the park and bring a friend. If your local park doesn’t offer free yoga, take your mat and look up a routine on YouTube!

Play some sports

If you like to be more active, pretty much every park has a basketball court, tennis court or racquetball court! Grab some friends and play a friendly game to stay active and enjoy the weather!

Bring out your bike

Sort through your garage and find that old bicycle that’s somewhere in there. There are so many paths that you can find to enjoy nature and ride on your bike aimlessly. It’s an amazing full body workout and it’ll definitely make you more in tune with nature!

Kayak at the springs

We are so lucky to be surrounded by gorgeous natural springs, perfect for spring time kayaking. Take advantage of some of the beautiful natural springs such as Rainbow springs, Three sisters springs and more.

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