Show All Teachers Love During Teacher Appreciation Week

By Amanda Roland
teacher appreciation week

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week! It is time that we celebrate those who educated us throughout the years, and those who are currently educating in a time of distance learning. Here are some ways to show love for Teacher Appreciation Week!

  1. Send a thank you card in the mail to a teacher that you know or an old teacher .
  2. Reach out to old teachers or professors on Facebook thanking them for all they did for you.
  3. Post an instagram story thanking all teachers for their hard work.
  4. Send a Starbucks gift card to your teacher friends to keep them fueled with coffee!
  5. Post pictures of you with your favorite teachers from the past, and tag your teachers.
  6. Donate books to your local library or schools for them to use when school goes back into session.
  7. Talk to your kids about the importance of quality education and quality teachers.

No matter what you do, make sure to show your love for educators this week for Teacher Appreciation Week!


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