Spotlight 360: Meet Kim Cinque, House Flipper

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kim cinque

After selling a bar that she and her husband Craig had just remodeled, Kim Cinque was encouraged to try her hand at flipping houses. That was 20 years ago, and she is still going strong with no end in sight!

What do you like most about flipping houses?

Of course the before and after is extremely satisfying, but I really enjoy the process and day-to-day progress. In the beginning, I am very hands on with demolition and clean up, even going to the dump. Then I’m there every day to direct the subs and run for materials and supplies, etc.

What would you say is the hardest part of flipping houses?

It always takes longer than you’d like it to. Waiting on one sub or inspection to get done so you can move on to the next step. I try to get at least one thing completed per day, even if it’s just sweeping up the job site.

What advice would you give others who may want to try their hand at flipping houses?

Be ready to gamble at high stakes. Make sure it’s time and money you are willing and able to lose if something goes wrong and it’s not a financial winner. Start small and gradually work up to higher-end projects.

What areas have you flipped houses in?

All areas of Gainesville- SE, NE, NW, and most recently SW.

What is your design style for the houses you flip?

First, I look at the house and get a feel for what it actually needs (roof, AC, concrete work, garage door, etc.). Then I shop design materials to make each house unique, with what’s left of the budget.

Kim Cinque, flipping housesHow do you find the houses you flip?

I have realtor friends that keep me in mind, as well as doing personal searches.

Have you ever flipped a house and then decided to move into it?

Not yet!

How much time does flipping take away from your day-to-day career?

I am fortunate enough to make my own schedule, but I do become obsessed. My husband says I personify the houses and get emotionally attached. I guess that’s true because I really want to help each house to be it’s best self again, and make the new owners happy. Even when the houses are on the market, I go by to check on them everyday!

How many houses are you flipping at a time?

I am only part time, so I do one or two a year max. It’s getting harder to find good deals because more people started getting into it thanks to HGTV, LOL. I look for houses that really “need me,” not just new paint and flooring. It has to be a good deal to make sense financially, because I end up doing the roof to the baseboards, and everything in between.

What have you learned from flipping houses?

That I like active, physical work more than office work. I enjoy interacting with the people at the supply houses and getting to know the subs. I try to learn something about each trade without getting in the way.

Has flipping houses made you happy?

Absolutely! I get pride and joy from improving the houses that have been most neglected and improving the neighborhoods too.

Do you have any MUST flip houses or categories on the horizons? Like flipping barns, condos, etc?

I did one condo, but they are harder logistically and you have less freedom than with single-family homes. I had my eye on two new properties recently, but then this awful virus hit. So, I have not made an offer yet.

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