The Lunge: Easy At-Home Exercises That Give Big Results

By Lindsey Johnson
At-Home Exercises

The lunge is an oldie but goodie. During 2020, when all had to be at home, people looked online and in print for workouts they could do in their homes with little to no equipment. One movement that became a shining star is the lunge. Lunges can be a strictly bodyweight movement that can be performed anywhere.

Why do lunges?

Lunges are a great exercise to work the lower part of the body. Lunges can help build stability and strength and improve balance. Depending on lunge variation, they can primarily work the quadriceps, gluteus muscles, hamstrings and calves. Completing lunges can also build core strength as you focus on balance and keeping your torso upright.

the lunge

Complete these at-home lunge exercises at home to build your leg and core strength, and incorporate lunges into your other workouts!

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