We Tried It: Working From Home

By Wellness360 Magazine

Normally our team carefully picks our next We Tried It, but this go around, a worldwide pandemic forced us to face a new normal. Like many other businesses, we took our 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. jobs home, not knowing when we would return to work as usual. Here are our thoughts on working from home!


“Working from home is a first for me. Of course, I wish that the world was not in the state that it is in right now, but all things considered, working from home has been a great experience for me. As an introvert, I find it extremely helpful to have alone time throughout the day. In fact, I feel like I get my best work done and am the most productive when I am able to have some time to myself. While I do really really miss seeing my awesome coworkers everyday, I have discovered that working from home kinda works for me.”

– AMANDA ROLAND, Web Editor and Assistant Events Coordinator


“It was definitely weird at first. Once I developed my new routine though, I really started liking working from home. It’s given me the opportunity to create more time for my mental and physical health. Every morning I wake up and have more time to meditate and do yoga before heading to work. I also squeeze in a workout on my lunch break. It’s nice to not have to worry about putting on make-up or decide what I’m going to wear for the day. Just throw on some comfy clothes, hair in a ponytail, and I’m good to go! I’m definitely missing seeing and talking to my team in person though!”

– MEGAN SAPELAK, Graphic Designer


“For me, I have found working from home has its ups and its downs. On the bright side, I have been sleeping more and working out almost every day because I save time without the 30 minute drive to and from work (plus I have saved money by not using gas). In addition, I find myself very productive because sometimes an office setting can be very distracting. However, I do miss my coworkers! It is sad when you can’t laugh together about something that happened. I especially miss the collaboration and brainstorming that naturally happens when you are in-person rather than remote.”

– GRACE DOWNEY, Graphic Designer


“Working from home is the norm for me. Working from home with all my kids and hubby has been more of a challenge. We are all now sharing the WiFi, I share my laptop with my 3rd grader, and I have been helping and overseeing the work for everyone. I have learned a lot about Google classroom, Zoom and Google Meet. I am enjoying the time with everyone, but I do miss our regular crazy schedule of school, sports and friends! What I don’t miss is the 6 a.m. alarms, so being able to sleep in a little is a bonus! My car is also getting a major break. I think I’ve only gotten gas one time in a month! I am looking forward to seeing my co-workers again soon!”

– APRIL TISHER, Account Executive


“Working from home is a blessing and a challenge. The blessing is I’ve been able to be with my family during a trying time to provide a clean home, cook meals and enjoy family time all while maintaining my job. The challenge mostly comes with having a 1-year-old and a husband still working, so the struggle is real just finding time to concentrate and get productive work accomplished. My days consist of early mornings and late nights to conquer lots of multitasking and juggling to get everything done. The lack of personal time, non-existent days (or hours) off and my sanity have been tough, but I know this allows me to be home and stay safe; for that I am grateful. All in all, 50% of me loves working from home, the other 50% is a tired mama, housekeeper, laundry extraordinaire, cook and account executive! :)”

– BETSY LANGAN, Account Executive


“Working from home is bittersweet for so many reasons. When I started Irving Publications 11 years ago, I was working from home, so when we moved into our real office, I was so excited! It meant we “made it.” Now, since being home with the kids, I am desperate to get back to my office to continue our journey! There are so many things from the office that we have realized we need to continue daily operations, and, they are currently filling up my dining room. So, eating meals with the kids has been displaced to various rooms in the house, not to mention, as the boss, it is hard to just put a pause on work at 5 p.m. I miss my team tremendously and all the brainstorming and collaborations we would do! I also miss my clients and meeting with them. This has truly been hard for an extrovert like myself. Zoom, slack and emailing has become imperative to our company for the time being, but I am looking forward to getting back to our normal schedule, even if it is a ‘new normal’. I am ready to get out of my PJ’s, into some real clothes and back into the office! 3.5 stars”

– NICOLE IRVING, Publisher and Editor-In-Chief


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