We Tried It!

Were you interested in trying out a barre class, but hesitant to give it a go? Curious about those painted rocks you have seen around town and want to learn more? The Wellness360 team has got you covered! Barre Forte After months of interest, nine members of the Wellness360 team decided to give barre a [...]

What Makes You Happy?

From the iconic smiley face to the color yellow, there are many things that we instantly associate with happiness. But everyone has at least one special thing, whether it is a stuffed animal or a time of the year, that makes them truly happy. What makes you happy? “I love wandering through the outdoor garden [...]

We Did It!

From 5Ks and hikes to financial triumphs, these Wellness360 readers deserve to be celebrated! Lindsey’s Story I recently become debt free by paying off a $35,000 graduate school loan in 13 months. The decision to pay it off came down to math. When I ran the numbers and saw the amount of money I would pay [...]