Ted Talks: Hobby Shopping

Typically, I like to make decisions thoughtfully and quickly. I don’t hesitate over simple choices (tonight it shall be merlot!), I try to use a mix of logic and emotion to come to conclusions, and I don’t like to linger… read more

Food Aversions Explained

Most people have a few foods that they don’t like. Ahem, no onions please! But for some, the dislike is severe and, in some cases, debilitating. What is food aversion? According to the Cleveland Clinic, a food aversion is defined… read more

How Your Senses Change as You Age

Sight. Smell. Taste. Touch. Hearing. These five words play pivotal roles in helping humans navigate the world. They connect us to our environments, allow us to solve problems and make our lives all the better. Simply put, they help us… read more

3 Ways to Restore your Skin with Sea Salt

Sea salt is everywhere, but the staple isn’t just cherished by chefs and scientists. It’s adorned by dermatologists and people everywhere, with its healing properties dating back to skincare routines used in ancient Egypt. Packed with minerals like magnesium and… read more

Living With Shin Splints

Shin splints are a relatively common injury that can cause considerable pain. Who gets them, how do you prevent them, and how do you treat them? “Shin splints are the common term for two separate overuse conditions of the lower leg:… read more

24 Easy Ways to Conquer Calories

If telling people we “don’t have time” or we “don’t enjoy exercising” burned calories, gyms and fitness centers would cease to exist. We’re busy. We’re tired. We don’t want to expend the morsel of energy we have left on a… read more

5 Foods to Beat the Heat

It’s summer again. The sun is perched high in the sky, moving its golden fingertips over the landscape below. The mosquitos are picking and pricking their next victims — behind them, a predatory dragonfly buzzes loudly, ready to eat whatever… read more

Real ID

Why You Will Need a REAL ID

I boarded a United Airlines Boeing 737-900 at the end of May. Three seats lined each side of the economy cabin, and as I struggled to find a place for my carry-on luggage, I looked around at the sleeping faces… read more


Are You a Workaholic?

Many people claim to be "workaholics," but what exactly defines one, and is it a desirable trait? In 1971, minister and psychologist Wayne Oates coined the term “workaholism” and defined it as “the compulsion or the uncontrollable need to work… read more

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