bacon grease container giveaway

Bacon Grease Container Giveaway!

Every Southern kitchen needs a bacon grease container. Bacon grease can be used as an amazing substitute for butter or oils when cooking for added flavor! But, storing it can be troublesome. So, we thought we would giveaway one of… read more

Foods in glass containers for leftovers

The Benefits of Leftovers

With growing families and rising food costs, it's always a puzzle to stretch those hard earned dollars when it comes to meal time! In a world increasingly conscious of food waste and sustainability, the humble leftover has taken center stage… read more

Bag of skittles being held

How Safe and Healthy is Our Food?

We often hear how the American diet is unhealthy, full of processed foods that can cause health concerns, weight gain and a variety of other issues. Netflix is abundant with documentaries exposing the dark side of the agriculture and food… read more

What is Exercise Snacking?

Have you ever skipped a workout because you couldn’t dedicate 30-60 minutes at a time to fit it in? Blocking off an hour at a time can be difficult when you’re juggling work, family and life commitments. What if you… read more

5 Foods to Beat the Heat

It’s summer again. The sun is perched high in the sky, moving its golden fingertips over the landscape below. The mosquitos are picking and pricking their next victims — behind them, a predatory dragonfly buzzes loudly, ready to eat whatever… read more

Capt.Jake Bates

Ask the Expert: Capt. Jake Bates

Fishing Captain Jake Bates is a native Floridian with four years of experience as a fishing guide. He has experience guiding fishing trips in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Alaska. Capt. Bates is based out of Northeast Florida and specializes in… read more

Best Travel Items

Between TSA and crying babies on the airplane, traveling can be difficult and a little bit daunting. One thing that can make traveling go a bit smoother is making sure you pack the essentials. Everything in the list below is… read more

Are You a Mouth breather?

Morning breath is real. When we awaken after a good night’s sleep, the first thing many of us do is head to the bathroom, grab our toothpaste and brush away the bad breath that developed over the night before we talk… read more

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