7 Winter Skincare Tips

By Mercedes Leguizamon The time has changed and it is finally getting colder outside. Even though our temperatures do not dip quite as low as they do up North, there are a few things that you should be doing differently to care for your skin during the winter. Here are some tips to maintain your [...]

Morning Workout Motivation

By Mercedes Leguizamon With the clock falling back an hour, it is time for gym motivation to spring forward. Most professionals recommend working out in the morning because it is easier to throw in the towel after a long day of work. With the sun rising earlier, motivation might be higher for some to get [...]

The Truth About Sugar

By Lizzie Vasquez Do not be fooled by the Nutrition Facts section of food labels. According to Mayo Clinic, the calculated amount of sugar in grams only includes natural sugars found in certain ingredients, such as grain, fruit and milk. The sugars you really need to worry about are added sugars, which are found in [...]